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Jo van der Walle


Jo is an accredited coach with a background in instructional design, HR and learning and development. With over eight years’ experience developing, designing and facilitating workshops for some of New Zealand's leading organisations.

Her speaking experience varies from facilitating with small groups and leadership teams, right through to keynote speaking to large audiences in the hundreds at industry events.

 Jo founded Rise and Shine Group in 2014 to educate and support others to regain balance and build natural resilience into their lives through taking a whole-person, self leadership approach.

Jo has been referred to as 'a breath of fresh air'. She truly walks the talk and strives to help individuals and businesses do the same through her proven, fact-based programme and workshops.

Education + Credentials 

-Diploma in Sport and Recreation (Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Principles)

- Accredited ' Map Your Emotional Culture Workshop' via Elephants and Riders

- Accredited DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

- Accredited Facilitator of Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

- Accredited Facilitator of Leadership: Great Teams, Great Leaders, Great Results Workshop

- 'The Science of Happiness', via Berkley University, Ed X

- Unit Standard 7108 Deliver On-Job Training to Adults Level 4

- Train the Trainer            - MH101

- Inclusiveness in Action Workshop

Kristy von Minden

Senior Facilitator

With a Bachelor of Communications, before she moved into the wellness world, Kristy spent 15 years in corporate communications, working with some of New Zealand’s most successful brands and managing a large team. With her extensive corporate background and management experience, Kristy intimately understands the stressors and pressures of the modern workplace, both from a management and from an employee perspective.

Kristy is a champion of positive change for workplace culture and employee care and believes there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way we work, live and look after ourselves. "Our brains are our most precious resource today and so we need to ensure wellness is our top priority above all else," she says.

 Her mission is to motivate people to take care of their minds daily, just like we brush our teeth.

Education + Credentials 

- Bachelor of Communications Degree - Auckland University of Technology


- Accredited Ovio Mindfulness Teacher

- Accredited Ovio Mindfulness Kids Coach

- Currently studying ' The Fundamentals of Neuroscience via Harvards University, Ed-X

- Currently studying 'The Science of Happiness', via Berkeley University, Ed-X

What people are saying...

"Jo brings to life wellness theory with personable stories and humour, engaging her audience as they learn. There was a noticeable shift of energy in the room as participants actively and excitedly participated in the exercises. Their newly-harnessed motivation was palpable. Jo has a real talent for creating immediate and positive change"

Kristy von Minden, Director,  MindBright

"Training at a good pace and with a positive manner that encouraged inclusivity."

Liz Fernyhough, workshop participant

"Jo’s presentation was spot on!I was amazed by how she was able to work out exactly what we needed to work on and provide an appropriate solution so quickly. She has a delightful manner that is refreshingly open. There was a balance of input and output, and the key points were clearly put across."

Alison Twaddle, Programme Manager, Workbase

"The workshop was on the mark! Our business is currently in the midst of a transition... we needed to ensure we were equipping our managers with tools to deal with the possible reactions to change and supporting them to be resilient enough to guide our teams."

Renee Huggett, Change Manager, Pacific Steel

"I now understand how to focus on what I can influence, the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how I can take steps to achieve what I need instead of sitting there feeling overwhelmed, stressed and worried."

Workshop participant

"Overall a very informative workshop that presented a lot of new ideas and concepts that I had no previously considered."

Workshop participant

"The information was delivered in a clear way that was relevant to everyone. I got a lot out of it."

Tahnee Luca, workshop participant

Our top 10 values...

Freedom. Love. Respect. Purpose. Energy. Trust. Achievement. Self-love. Health. Authenticity.

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