About Jo van der Walle - Rise & Shine Corporate Wellness Programmes Creator

Director Jo van der Walle
DISC® Accredited  Certified Coach and Motivational speaker

A journey that began with losing both parents to cancer at a young age (one Jo believes from prolonged stress and the other due to unhealthy lifestyle choices) and later experiencing corporate burnout are all factors that led Jo to seek a new way to live and achieve success.​

Drawing from this experience, a background in HR | Learning and Development, a Certificate in Coaching and a Diploma in Sport and Recreation, Jo founded Rise and Shine Group to support others to effectively and sustainably stay on top of their game.

Rise and Shine specialises in promoting corporate health, productivity and personal fulfilment through taking a whole-person, self-leadership approach.​

Today Jo truly walks the talk and strives to help individuals and businesses do the same through her proven, fact-based programme and workshops.

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What people are saying...

"Jo brings to life wellness theory with personable stories and humour, engaging her audience as they learn.

There was a noticeable shift of energy in the room as participants actively and excitedly participated in the exercises.

Their newly-harnessed motivation was palpable. Jo has a real talent for creating immediate and positive change"- Kristy von Minden, Director,  MindBright

"Training at a good pace and with a positive manner that encouraged inclusivity." – Liz Fernyhough, workshop participant

"Jo’s presentation was spot on!I was amazed by how she was able to work out exactly what we needed to work on and provide an appropriate solution so quickly. She has a delightful manner that is refreshingly open. There was a balance of input and output, and the key points were clearly put across."
– Alison Twaddle, Programme Manager, Workbase

"The workshop was on the mark! Our business is currently in the midst of a transition... we needed to ensure we were equipping our managers with tools to deal with the possible reactions to change and supporting them to be resilient enough to guide our teams." – Renee Huggett, Change Manager, Pacific Steel

"I now understand how to focus on what I can influence, the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how I can take steps to achieve what I need instead of sitting there feeling overwhelmed, stressed and worried." – Workshop participant

"Overall a very informative workshop that presented a lot of new ideas and concepts that I had no previously considered." – Workshop participant

"The information was delivered in a clear way that was relevant to everyone. I got a lot out of it." – Tahnee Luca, workshop participant

Jo's top 10 values...

Freedom. Love. Respect. Purpose. Energy. Trust. Achievement. Self-love. Health. Authenticity.

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