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The way we are working, isn't working

As Jim Loehr, world-renowed performance psychologist puts it;

"It is our energy, not our time, that is the fundamental source of efficiency and high performance. The numbers of hours we have in a day is fixed, the amount of energy we have is not. 

So, what drains your energy throughout the day?

What activities replenish that energy? 

Do you want to be working at 100% or pushing through on 10%?

By supporting employees’ overall wellbeing, smart businesses are creating great places to work, filled with engaged, productive, less-stressed people.

Rise & Shine coaches individuals and organisations to become happy, healthy and high-performing, offering a whole-person, self-leadership approach to wellbeing that fuels and inspires success in all areas of life.

Our corporate workshops are designed to give people the tools they need to take responsibility for their performance, so they can achieve their full potential.

There is growing evidence that the long-term health of a company's bottom line and the health of its employees are very much aligned, and that when we treat them as separate, we pay a heavy price, both personally and collectively.

Individually, we compromise our health and happiness. For businesses, the costs will be exacted in dollars and cents, talent retention and diminished productivity.

 What's good for us as individuals is also good for business." – Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post


of employers are adopting a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing.


Stress has risen by a net


across businesses in the past two years

Southern Cross Health Society Report 2019