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‘Return to the office’ – TIPS
How to set your team up for success transitioning back to the office Finally, teams are coming together after months[...]
Important vs essential: A guide to making time for you
Take a minute to consider these questions - are you responsible for the amount of energy you have to ‘spend’ each day? are you responsible for bringing value to your organisation?
How to become a corporate vampire slayer
Do you spend your workdays surrounded by energy vampires who suck the life right out of the room? I’m a firm believer that “Like attracts like”, which means there’s something you can do about it!
No better feeling than 110% content
How many times a week do you find yourself saying, “I want this”, “I need that”? How frequently do you compare your life to someone else’s – what they have and what you don’t? How often do you think, ‘If only this would happen, I‘d be happy’?
Can you list your top 10 values?
Have you ever wondered what it is that influences the decisions you make? Where your gut feelings come from and why certain things others do cause you such confusion?
Are businesses responsible for staff health and wellness?
The truth is, the world is changing. Life it is more complex, stressful, demanding, and the rate of change is like never before. We have targets and KPI’s aligned to increases and bonuses. Sometimes just working hard isn’t enough. With the rate of change and the globalisation of markets we now must not only be educated in our subject, but also be constantly re-educating ourselves and keeping up with the world around us.
Setting up an integrated, balanced wellness programme
I recently facilitated a Twitter conversation through NZLEAD to better understand workplace wellness. NZLEAD is a digitally based community that invites participation from hundreds of OD, H&S, L&D, and HR professionals from all around the world.
Why the way we’re working isn’t working!
Burnout, depression and anxiety are affecting more of us everyday. What is causing this?