Rise & Shine Holistic Corporate Wellness Pillars for Complete Wellness, Productivity & Stress Reduction

The whole picture

How we work

You don't want buzzwords, you want real results! Here's how we get them:

We recognise
We recognise that when a person's wellbeing is neglected, their performance, effectiveness and motivation can also suffer. We work with you to find areas where realistic improvements can be made.

We inspire
We inspire you to create a healthy work environment populated by energised, engaged, focused and productive people.

We lead
We lead you towards acknowledging the whole person, so you can encourage your staff to keep their batteries fully charged.

To instigate balance, we look at the four dimensions of Self

The Four Dimensions
Complete wellness

Rise & Shine also understands that people are not one, two or three- but four-dimensional, and that an imbalance or lack of replenishment in one area of life can limit performance in others. We're simply not built to go, go, go!

Energy can be stimulated or drained, depending on the balance of the four dimensions. It's important to realise that these dimensions are interconnected – for example, it's difficult to maintain focus at work when you're sleep deprived, lacking confidence, or unsure what you're striving for.

Rise & Shine's workshops put the spotlight on all Four Dimensions:


Physical Energy

This dimension is responsible for our everyday oomph. Many of us regularly work long hours without properly restoring our energy levels. This way of working isn’t sustainable, and by pushing ourselves to run on empty we're headed straight for apathy, dissatisfaction and burnout.

To ensure maximum personal effectiveness, our workshops focus on developing daily habits and rituals to replenish our physical energy, through factors such as a balanced diet, stress reduction, exercise, rest and recovery....


Mental Agility

Everything begins in the mind – but many of us aren’t fully aware of its power and potential.

By devising simple strategies to maintain focus, we increase productivity and learn to manage distractions and avoid unproductive multitasking. Through scheduling mindfulness practices into our lives, we foster creativity and encourage individuals to experience a sense of clarity and purpose. Participants also learn strategies to develop a positive perspective and break negative thought patterns.


Emotional Happiness

How we feel has a profound impact on how we perform. When we learn how to make time for the things we value and manage our emotions, we strengthen our emotional security.

It's through this positive relationship with ourselves that we're able to develop confidence and strong, meaningful relationships with those around us, making us better able to successfully deal with the uncomfortable emotions we can experience in our daily lives and be open to growth and change..


Internal Motivation

Knowing where we're headed helps us stay motivated; people report being contented and more enjoyable to be around. However, it's easy to get caught up with urgent priorities and start wondering what the point is, leading to a lack of fulfilment and more serious mental health issues such as depression.

Our workshops provide a forum in which people can reflect on their current direction and take the time to design a life they want to live, then set meaningful, achievable goals that benefit both themselves and your organisation.