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Support employees to be their best selves

Encourage healthy, happy, high-performing teams

Create a positive workplace culture that attracts top talent

COVID-19 UPDATE: All of our workshops are available online for teams working from home or avoiding gathering in large groups

+ WholeME 2020

Annual Wellbeing Programme

WholeME 2020 is a robust, year-long holistic employee wellness programme, designed to maximise employee performance, at the same time optimising health and happiness

The future of health is taking a holistic view. We need to consider the individual as a whole for optimal health - recognising all four aspects of wellness: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. As with any ecosystem, each part is interdependent and relies on the health of the others in order to truly thrive

  • Consistently scheduled + consistent messaging
  • Available online
  • Proactive, preventative approach to wellbeing
  • 45 minute sessions + Q&A
  • Qualified, experienced facilitator with corporate backgrounds
  • Science based, practical, interactive sessions

+ Self Awareness

DISC® Workshop

Research suggests we live 48% of our life in auto pilot - our habits, routines, impulses and reactions basically control us. The challenge is, when we live in autopilot for so long, we forget we are in autopilot.

What if you could complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about your personality, behavioural tendencies and communication preferences? 

By developing self awareness we can exercise metacognition - knowledge about when and how to use particular strategies in life. 

Teams are made up of individuals with different behavioural and working styles. Taking the time to learn about our own tendencies and others is key to achieving real team work and results.

Using DISC®, the world's #1 behavioural assessment, a powerful, yet simple profiling tool this workshop helps individuals better understand and appreciate their collective diversity, perform better and with higher levels of trust and performance.

This fun, interactive workshops aims to build self awareness and social awareness in individuals leading to improved relationships with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

The goal of this workshop is not to change who you are, but to learn how to adapt your behaviour to the situation at hand.


/ 3 HOURS / 180 MINUTES  - maximum of 20 people



• Provides a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together

• Deal with conflict effectively by learning adaptive behaviours

• Acts as a springboard for conversation and team building

• Develop strategies to maximize cooperation - within the team, customers and stakeholders

When we live on autopilot, it feels like someone else is driving, not us

+ Know Your Team

Disc for People Leaders

Leadership is the business of people and this workshop is designed to help leaders develop a better understanding of themselves, their colleagues and how they can work more effectively together.

Everywhere in the world, leadership depends on the ability of the leader to understand how to work with the people around them. The most effective leaders know their team: what strengths they possess, how they prefer to go about their work, and what activities will excite or deflate them.

Using DISC®, a cutting-edge assessment tool, this workshop is designed to take team work to new heights.


 3 HOURS / 180 MINUTES  - maximum of 12 people


Rise and Shine Programmes


• Increased self-awareness

• Deeper understanding of individual behavioural tendencies and communication preferences in order to strengthen relationships

• Explain the strengths each individual brings to their team and how to utilise the strengths within the team to excel in achieving departmental goals

• New strategies to positively influence others and minimise / prevent conflict

People join companies and leave manager

+ Leading Self Programme

Modern life is non-stop, and the dilemma for many people is how to manage the competing demands of work and home without something having to give. Have you noticed that some people appear to juggle career success and a full personal life with ease? These people know how to take leadership of their lives.

The truth is, many of us look after our mobile phones better than we look after ourselves. We know what activities use up their battery life and how often they need to be charged. So why don't we dedicate this kind of attention to our own batteries? Instead, many of us race around trying to fit in as many things as possible, not realising that this is counterproductive.

There is a better way!

We have designed two interactive self leadership programmes – our Signature Leading Self Programme (made up of a series of 4 workshops) and the two hour Fast Four, Leading Self Workshop. We also customise the programme to meet your business goals and objectives. Talk to us today!

4 x two hour


Leading Self Programme

When we take responsibility for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and internally, we not only experience improved energy, focus, resilience and motivation at work, we're also better able to live our lives to the fullest. Developing self-leadership skills enables us to feel in control and fulfill our potential.

​This four-part interactive programme allows us to stop and reflect on our current battery status before creating a recharge action plan. We look into the habits of successful people and simple changes we can make in our personal and professional and personal lives in order achieve more, without sacrificing our health and happiness. 


4 x 2-hour workshops, or
2 x 4-hour workshops, or
1 x 8-hour workshop

1 x two hour

Fast Four

Leading Self Workshop

The Fast Four workshop is a powerful two-hour workshop that gives participants time to reflect and assess how successfully they’re managing themselves and the ‘four pillars’ of complete wellness.

We define a 'self-leader' and brainstorm activities self-leaders can undertake to help them achieve in all areas of their lives – without sacrificing their health. Participants walk away with a personalised and realistic self-leadership plan to help them increase their everyday energy, focus, happiness and motivation.

This workshop is perfect for businesses unable to commit to the Signature programme, lack the budget to do so, or as a sneak preview into what the full programme entails.

1 x 2-hour workshop

For anyone who wants to
increase their effectiveness

Rise & Shine's programmes enhance personal wellbeing and job performance by inspiring individuals to take responsibility for their own batteries and take leadership over their own lives.

Our modern lives don't offer much opportunity to reflect on how we're managing our everyday demands and how they're impacting on our performance at work. Both programmes give participants the chance to stop and take stock of their current lifestyle habits, identify what's working and what's not, then discover achievable solutions.

We focus on the Four Pillar of Self and take a long term view to support positive change. A maximum workshop size of 16 participants allows for a more personalised approach and real benefits for individuals and organisations to be gained.



  • A culture of wellness – In a study by Virgin Pulse, 56% of employees said wellbeing programmes make them feel more valued by their employers.
  • Increase in engagement – Individuals are more motivated and fulfilled, and better able to maintain a positive attitude and outlook. They're empowered to take control of their wellbeing with set goals they can work towards daily.
  • Increase in productivity – Physically: energised and alert. Emotionally: balanced, confident, with stronger working relationships. Mentally: focused, creative and resourceful. Spiritually: self-aware, motivated and fulfilled.
  • Improvement in workplace morale – With real benefits for teams on both a professional and a personal level.​​
  • Reduction in turnover – Reducing recruitment and training expenses.
  • Reduction in the use of employee assistance programmes – As well as absenteeism and other stress-related costs.
  • Improved reputation in the marketplace – Access to wellbeing programmes is an important factor for job seekers. Rise & Shine can help you to attract and retain the best staff by becoming an employer of choice.

We don't believe in a quick fix. We achieve sustainable results through...

1. Quality programmes with a maximum workshop size of 16 participants.

2. Giving individuals the opportunity to stop, reflect on and assess their current life balance and satisfaction.

3. Encouraging participants to commit to introducing two new energy-enhancing behaviours into their life between each workshop.

4. Assigning each participant an "accountability coach" to provide ongoing support and motivation.

5. Supporting participants to develop their own customised self-leadership "user guide" to take away.

6. Achieving real benefits through sharing successes, overcoming barriers and experiencing positive changes as part of a group.

Self and Social Awareness 

+ Team Behavioural Profiling Workshop

This fun, four hour interactive workshop uses the DiSC® model to provide a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others. 

+  Strengthen staff and customer relationships

+ Develop respect and appreciation for differences​

+ Improve individual self-awareness and teamwork

DISC is one of the world’s most popular and well-known assessment tools, taken by millions of people every year.

Duration: 4 hours


"On behalf of the Team I would like to thank you for a great workshop. We all enjoyed very much the topic as well as delivery and learned a lot about ourselves as well as others. I am sure we all will benefit from it" - SKYCITY Group Executive Manager 

"Thank you for the excellent workshop! We will all benefit from this for a long time to come" - Workshop Participant

+ Employee Assessment Tools for the job

We deliver assessment and reports, coaching and workshops utilising these three powerful business tools.

DISC Accredited CPBA

The world's #1 behavioural assessment. Taken by millions of people every year and estimated to be in use by 75% of Fortune 500 companies. DISC is a very simple yet powerful four quadrant framework used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate. 

Motivators Accredited CPMA

Arguably the most important (and most overlooked) aspect of human personality. The most powerful motivation comes from within — from our core values. Yet, very few people can articulate their own values or are aware that all values can be traced back to half a dozen primary motivators.

Emotional Quotient Accredited CPEQA

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a hot topic in business. EI is considered to be one of the most desirable characteristics to have in an employee or leader. Based on the Goleman model, the TTI EQ provides a simple and user-friendly model for business people to understand and develop EI.

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