• Up to 16 People
  • 1 x 3 hour or 2 x 1.5 hour sessions
  • Available online or F2F
  • An Accredited ECD Facilitator
  • ECD per person (for use on the day) and all resources
  • Follow up resources
  • Review of the workshop, learnings and insights gained

DISC Workshops

Understanding People

(colleagues, clients and stakeholders) 

Did you know we can observe people's behaviour by the way they walk, talks, their facial expressions or how they stand in line.

We can work with you to develop a workshop on how to recognise and identify others behavioural styles and adapt and blend your style for greater and more effective communication and relationships.

Understanding Colleagues

We offer a workshop using DISC that provides a common language to help your team better understand one another and work together.

We will give your team strategies to deal with conflict effectively by learning adaptive behaviours

This workshop acts as a springboard for conversation and team building and helps to develop strategies to maximize cooperation - with not just the team but also customers and stakeholders.

Leadership Development

Leadership is the business of people. We can work with your leaders to help them develop a better understanding of themselves, their colleagues and how they can work more effectively together.

Everywhere in the world, leadership depends on the ability of the leader to understand how to work with the people around them. The most effective leaders know their team: what strengths they possess, how they prefer to go about their work, and what activities will excite or deflate them.

People are multi-faceted, your approach to leadership should be too

ECD Workshops

Team Culture Workshop

This workshop is a hands-on way for your whole team to come together and co-create their team culture using the acclaimed Emotional Culture Deck. These cards are an insanely simple tool to facilitate structured face-to-face conversations around workplace culture and employee experience.

The workshop's objective is to map your team's emotional culture, explore how you support each other, and the way you work together

Emotional Culture Leaders Workshop

This workshop is designed to bring your leaders together and help them create a better connection and understanding between themselves and with their people, nudging them to develop and grow.

By using The Emotional Culture Deck, we’ll nudge your leaders to:

  • Explore and learn about the role emotion plays in culture, leadership and high-performing teams 
  • Become more empathetic and conscious of their team culture
  • Work together to define how they want to lead their people and the environment they want to create

A Great Place to Work Workshop

Help your people explore what constitutes a 'great place to work.' Start building a workplace culture designed for today's world using the acclaimed Emotional Culture Deck — a simple yet highly effective tool to facilitate structured face-to-face conversations around workplace culture and employee experience.

During the workshop, we will define:

  • What a great workplace feels like
  • What it will look like - how can we tell if we are getting it right
  • Employee experience touch points and key opportunities


Zhan Spalding


On behalf of the Team I would like to thank you for a great workshop. We all enjoyed the topic as well as the delivery and have learned a lot about ourselves as well as others in the team. I am sure we all will benefit from it in years to come. 

Gisela Thiele

BSH Sales support manager

I love your enthusiasm and always enjoy being part of your workshops. 



You created such a relaxed atmosphere, that it felt easy to open up and share our opinions/views. I believe the facilitator, played a huge part in creating this atmosphere.